The Midwest Climate Summit actively engaged students in the main Summit sessions, as well as three student-led and student-focused elements – the Climate Stories Contest, the Student System Conference, and the Midwest Climate Summit Career Chats.

MCS Student Sustainability Systems Conference

  • Stay tuned for more information about the upcoming fall 2021 conference.

The Student Systems Conference is an annual student-led and student-prioritized session that fosters meaningful and action-oriented conversations about sustainability efforts and challenges on our respective campuses and in our respective communities. 

While the purpose of this conference is for students to connect with one another about their climate and sustainability efforts, staff members are encouraged to attend to provide valuable insight and information about each university’s efforts and how we collaborate to create a more cohesive and united front to prioritize sustainability and climate change efforts at schools in the Midwest.

Attendees in 2020 had the opportunity to learn and connect about Fossil Fuels and Energy Usage, Student Advocacy, Waste Management, and Environmental Justice Initiatives through 45-minute breakout sessions. Each attendee chose up to 2 breakout session topics to attend during the Student Systems Conference.

2020-2021 Climate Stories Contest

The Submission Deadline for the Climate Stories Contest has passed; submissions are no longer being accepted.

The Climate Stories Contest was an art competition that called upon students to tell the story of climate change in the Midwest and how it is impacting themselves or their communities through artwork, film/photography, written works and performing arts. Submissions will be accepted starting in October and submission instructions will be provided on the Summit website.

2020 Midwest Climate Summit Career Chats

The Midwest Climate Summit Career Chats provided undergraduate and graduate students throughout the Midwest a platform to learn and connect with a broad array of cross-sector organizations leading on climate, sustainability, and environmental issues.