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What students think about climate change, what emotions arise when contemplating climate change, and how climate change impacts the college experience is an important aspect of the Midwest Climate Summit.

As part of the 2020-2021 Midwest Climate Summit, the Climate Stories Contest is a multi-media art competition across four categories: visual arts, film/photography, written word, and performing arts.

The Submission Deadline for the Climate Stories Contest has passed; submissions are no longer being accepted.

Performing Arts

The performing arts category invites submissions of music, theater, and dance performances that explores climate change and its impacts.


The film/photography category includes any art using a camera, from short films to photographs.

Visual Arts

The visual art category includes paintings, sculptures, stitchwork, or a combination of techniques creating a physical piece.

Written Word

The written word category is for short stories, narratives, poems or short essays regarding climate change.

General Requirements

Participants must submit original artwork that illustrates the impact of the climate crisis on themselves, society or a subset of society (i.e. a specific demographic), and the work must communicate a message calling people to action. These two requirements, along with the quality of the work itself, will form the basis of submission judging.

The competition is open to undergraduate and graduate students ages 18-25. First, second and third-place winners will be selected from each category, for a total of 12 award recognitions. Monetary prizes will be given to each of the 12 winning submissions; that information will be made available once it is finalized. Group or collaborative submissions are permitted but awards must be divided among group members.

Competition Deadline

The Submission Deadline for the Climate Stories Contest has passed; submissions are no longer being accepted.


Competition judges are being assembled from participating Midwest Climate Summit campuses.

Prizes for each submission category

  • First Place: $1,500
  • Second Place: $1,000
  • Third Place: $750


For questions concerning any aspect of Climate Stories, contact: