Shara  Mohtadi

Shara Mohtadi


Member of the Bloomberg Philanthropies’ environment team, Shara Mohtadi will moderate the Summit Kick-Off Session on October 2, starting at 10am central time.

Shara Mohtadi’s Biography

Shara Mohtadi serves on the Bloomberg Philanthropies environment team. In her role, she leads the work on America’s Pledge and non-federal climate action globally, as well as the Beyond Coal grant-making in Japan, South Korea and Australia.

Previously, Shara served as a senior advisor on climate and energy policy for New York State government. During the last term of the Obama Administration, Shara served as an advisor for the energy and environment portfolio at the White House, in the Office of Management and Budget.

She has co-led and published groundbreaking research on the relationship between climate change, drought, and migration in Syria with a 2015 paper in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Shara received her graduate and undergraduate degrees from Columbia University.