Daniel Poynter

Daniel Poynter

Outreach and Engagement Workshop

Founder of Carbon Neutral Indiana, Daniel Poynter will participate in the Outreach and Engagement Workshop of Summit Session 4 on November 6, at 10:45am central time.

Daniel Poynter’s Biography

Daniel Poynter founded Carbon Neutral Indiana in April 2020. CNI is holding the vision for the state to become carbon neutral as soon as possible. It’s starting by helping households and businesses. CNI grew out of almost a year of full-time research into climate action in Indiana, including six months of research Project Drawdown solutions culminating in Indiana Drawdown.

Before this, Daniel was a professional advisor to over one hundred social entrepreneurs, was named a Young Innovator by the MacArthur Foundation, and was invited to speak at over twenty academic institutions throughout North America.

Fun fact: Daniel proposed to his fiance in the middle of what may be the largest act of non-violent, civil disobedience in London’s history.