Amy  Fredregill

Amy Fredregill

Climate Action Workshop

Managing Director of the Sustainable Growth Coalition Environmental Initiative, Amy Fredregill will participate in the Climate Action Workshop of the Summit Session 3, on October 23.

Amy Fredregill’s Biography

Having worked in the public, private and non-profit sector, Fredregill has nearly 25 years of experience in policy and systemic approaches to energy, water and other sustainability efforts in both the Midwest and nationally. Since March 2018, Fredregill has been serving as the Managing Director of the Minnesota Sustainable Growth Coalition at Environmental Initiative (EI). The Coalition primarily represents Fortune 500 Companies headquartered in Minnesota that are leaders in corporate sustainability. Prior to EI, Fredregill was Xcel Energy’s Manager of Resource Planning and Strategy for External and State Affairs at NSP-MN. Fredregill served since 2011 as Executive Director for the Midwest Renewable Energy Tracking System (M-RETS) and as the Vice President of the Cooperative Network, a business trade association working with cooperatives in the Upper Midwest. She has also held positions as a legislative aide for the US Senate and a researcher for the MN Public Utilities Commission. 

Fredregill has consulted internationally on several USAID-funded partnerships, most recently in Mexico to assist with federal energy reform. In 2016 she was recognized as a Clean Energy Leader for MN Women by the Clean Energy Resource Team and The Business Journal’s 25 Women to Watch Award in 2010. She received a Master’s degree in Environmental Policy from the George Washington University in 2002 and an Economics Degree from the College of Saint Benedict and Saint John’s University in 1997. Fredregill was awarded a Policy Fellowship from the University of Minnesota Humphrey Institute of Public Affairs from 2008-2009. In her free time, she enjoys Nordic skiing, wilderness backpacking, paddling and playing the fiddle.