Alex Morales-Heil

Alex Morales-Heil

Washington University in St. Louis

INSTITUTION | Washington University in St. Louis

POSITION | Administrative Coordinator, Washington University Climate Change Program

Alex Morales-Heil is the Washington University Climate Change Program(WUCCP) Coordinator. She works with faculty, students, and community members to expand scientific research, education and public understanding of climate change.  One of her major areas of focus in this role has been partnering with local educators to develop the Climate Across the Curriculum Project which will support interdisciplinary climate change education in St. Louis high schools.

Alex received her undergraduate degrees in Mathematics and Elementary Education from Washington University in St. Louis. Before joining WUCCP, Alex taught for 7 years in elementary schools across the St. Louis region and served on the board of Educators for Social Justice from 2012-2016.