If the 12 states that comprise the Midwest were a country, they would be the fifth-largest greenhouse gas emitting nation on the planet.

On average, Midwest states lag behind the rest of the country on energy efficiency, de-carbonization of the electric sector, transportation electrification, and green building. At the same time, the Midwest is home to states, cities, businesses, institutions, and organizations that are national climate leaders and can serve as models and partners for other Midwest entities to increase ambition and action.

The Midwest has the potential to play an outsized role in the coming critical decade by lowering emissions, creating a thriving green economy, and ensuring a just and equitable transition that does not leave any of our rural, suburban, urban, and indigenous communities behind.


The Midwest Climate Summit is the result of extensive collaboration between over 20 leading Midwest higher education institutions, local governments, non-profits, and private sector organizations.

Our Work

We are dedicated to accelerating action in four interrelated areas: climate action, outreach & engagement, science & research, and teaching & education.

Featured Speaker

Daniel Wildcat

Founder of the Indigenous Peoples Climate Change Working Group

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If your organization would like to get involved and/or support our work to develop a more coordinated Midwest response to the climate crisis, please contact climatesummit@wustl.edu.